KillerStartups – Keep Track Of Shared Expenses Smoothly

Chipped.inThe days of calling friends and relatives back and forth in order to keep track of shared expenses are long gone. The Internet has the virtue of simplifying everything, and that would not be the exception. is a web-based tool that serves that purpose. What it does is to make it possible for you to keep track of who has contributed to the cause at hand – wedding, birthday party, road trip… basically anything that implies collective financing is taken into consideration.

The featured dashboard provides a clear overview of who has contributed what and when, and how far behind schedule (or not) the project as a whole is running. You can contact your fellow chippers on the spot if that is necessary, too.

An account is created for free. You must supply your e-mail address and a password. The e-mail address will double as your login. Upon registering, you become findable by your acquaintances and the members of your family, and you can be asked to chip in on any of their projects. In Their Own Words

“No matter what your project, makes it simple for friends and families to keep track of shared expenses.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Keeping track of expenses is a bore. This makes everything far easier and enjoyable.

Some Questions About

How will the project evolve from now on?

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