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Chimpflix.comA Philadelphia-based startup, Chimpflix is going to leave the moviegoer in you absolutely satisfied. The site is just like Groupon and LivingSocial, but only that it focuses on the latest films and movies. By signing up for Chimpflix, you’ll get to watch them at discounted prices. The company will email you all the best cinema deals, and (if you like what’s being offered) you’ll get buy them as you would when buying a deal on Groupon or Living Social.

You register to Chimpflix by submitting your email address and your ZIP code, and it’sall taken from there.

A service like this one is particularly interesting at a time like this, in which folks just can’t afford to take their whole families out to the movies for the weekend. The recession that we’re living through means that very often theaters only fill about 30% of their seats. Their owners can but be attracted to something like Chimpflix, as it would give them the closest to a sure chance to increase their attendance: A marketing campaign would cost them more, and it might turn to be only marginally effective. When using something like Chimpflix, on the other hand, it’s easy to know exactly how many people have attended any screening because the numbers will be there, the amount of additional tickets that have been sold will be displayed. Movie theater owners will always have everything clearly laid out for them. In Their Own Words

You want to see more movies, but it’s a recession, and money is tight. Chimpflix negotiates special deals with theaters, so you can see movies on a budget. Sign up with your e-mail and password, and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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Can this become as strong or significant as Groupon? Or is it too niche for its own good?