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ChimeraThemes.comChimera Themes is a provider of premium WordPress themes. Installing and configuring any of the featured themes takes about 20 minutes, and the degree of customization can be as radical as you want.


You will be able to modify every aspect of the provided themes and have all your aesthetic needs covered without sacrificing their functionality at all. This process is carried out via the provided Theme Admin page, and the site includes several instructional video showing how to best set about doing that.

Both developer and standard licenses are available, and the one difference is that a standard license will not let you use a theme on more than one domain without purchasing another license. Also, the ChimeraThemes footer that is displayed can only be removed if you have bought a developers’ license. Other than that, you can modify the theme as much as you want until it fits your personal and professional needs. All plans come with lifetime access and automatic updates, as well as full documentation and tutorials. In Their Own Words

“Make your website stand out from the crowd.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you have a classy blog with a minimum of effort.

Some Questions About

How knowledgeable must you be to modify a theme?

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