ChickenDinner – Will You Be The First Sports Betting Champion?

So, you think you’re good at picking out the winners in sports?


Well, ChickenDinner just might be the best way for you to learn how good you really are compared to other sports and betting enthusiasts.


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ChickenDinner is a platform on “a mission to bring the social, competitive model of traditional fantasy sports to the deep, dark world of good old fashion sports betting.” It’s a place where people can bet on sports and win real cash prizes. And, get this – it’s free to play. (That’s my kind of betting.)


The way it works is that players are given a “$500” bankroll at the beginning of each day. They place wagers, and the bankroll leader atop the dashboard each week wins cash. Players can participate in public leagues or private leagues with their friends. New competitions begin each week.


So, ChickenDinner encourages league interaction and competition as you would find in your typical fantasy sports league, only the spotlight is turned weekly on those who place the best bets. Here’s the additional kicker…


ChickenDinner also maintains a HEAT index to precisely determine your skills. This Handicapping Efficiency Analysis Tracker calculates how often you pick the winners and the degree of difficulty in having made each correct selection. In this way, ChickenDinner establishes a quantifiable rating of each bet maker. Instead of arguing (though let’s be honest, this is sports, and that’s going to continue anyway) about who places the best bets, players can compare their HEAT score.


Basically, no matter if you’re casual or way into sports betting, you can increase your pleasure by wagering on ChickenDinner. If you love sports and friendly competition, you can enjoy betting with your peeps – and win cash (without risking your own!). If you’re hard core, then ChickenDinner wants to give you the means to truly find out how you stack up against other who bet.


How serious are they? As they told it to KillerStartups: “We’re fully committed to finding the world’s best sports handicappers, and will soon be crowning the next champion of the ‘World Series of Sports Betting.’” That’s correct: they aim to identify those at the top of the betting game and stage an event to let those players duke it out for fame and fortune.


So, you think you’re good at picking out the winners in sports? Here’s your chance to up the stakes with your friends and earn additional bragging rights. Or, take on the world at ChickenDinner, and prove you’re the winningest bet placer around.


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