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ChefsWithoutFrontiers.comChefsWithoutFrontiers began as a sort of meeting place for expats to socialize over recipes and culinary traditions. It has grown into network in which people can share and discuss not only food, but also travel, history and food politics.


It acts as a collective journal for reminiscences and thoughts, all connected in someway to the things we eat. The site is divided into five principle sections: Food for Thought, On the Road, the Politics of Food, a Forum, and Resources. The first of these, Food for Thought, is where members can share memories about their grandmother’s pies, or even philosophies which food invokes. The second section is essentially a travelogue; here members can share their journeys across the world. Politics of Food is a place for discussion of the political ramifications of food policies; here members can discuss the food shortage, they can add articles and can make suggestions about how we can live in a sustainable manner. In Their Own Words

“C.W.F. began as a way for a small group of expats to enjoy the warmth of friendship through the ritual of cooking and sharing a meal. It was created as a way to feel at home, no matter where we are, what burner we are hovering over, or which table hosts our fare.

Chefs Without Frontiers is more like a club than just another cooking website.
Rather than give you recipes that are easy to find elsewhere, we prefer to make this site a place where you can discuss your experiences, share your stories, and learn something you didn’t know about the magnificent world of creating meals for the people you love.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ChefsWithoutFrontiers is an interesting proposition. It certainly has a niche appeal as it goes beyond simply recipes and discusses food in relation to more delicate and even polarizing contexts. It’s a study in history and global politics.

Some Questions About

CWF is quite limited. There is no obvious means for users to participate. This means that the content on the site doesn’t cover much ground at all. Will CWF open up and allow for more participation?

Author : Siri Marshall

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