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Checkoutmycards.comCheckOutMyCards is a way to buy and sell sports cards. Offering baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, racing, and even poker cards, it’s a one stop shop for sports card enthusiasts.


With those who have an extensive collection of cards and want to make some money, they have the ability to purchase store credit, send them to CheckOutMyCards, letting them do all the research to find their true worth. The seller then sets prices for the cards and they are in turn displayed on the website for purchase. For avid collectors, there are thousands of cards available and you can search for them based on player, set, card, and year. You can filter your search according to age, book value, etc. Cards are scanned in high quality resolution, both front and back, so you know exactly what the card looks like and what condition it’s in before you buy it. In Their Own Words

“ takes the latest technology and applies it to card collecting. We desire to continually impress our regular customers by offering new features, utilizing the latest technology, and making it easier and more fun to collect cards!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site gives card collectors and sellers a great opportunity to facilitate the buying, selling, and looking process. There are tons of rare cards, so it’s a great first place to search for that card you’ve been dying to get your hands on for years. It’s a great alternative to looking for cards on ebay and has the potential to become a favorite site for sports enthusiasts.

Some Questions About

Cards are priced fairly because of extensive research, so can you expect to get a great deal on a card or can you just expect to pay what it’s actually worth? You have to send your cards to the site for them to evaluate them and put them up for sale. Are many people going to be willing to trust their valuable collections to the postal service?

Author : Jason Taylor

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