CheckMate Mobile Founder Robert A. Rositano On Kicking Ass In Business

For some, working along side family might prove too challenging of an experience, especially in a startup environment. However, I’ve spoken with several successful entrepreneurs who have mentioned family as one of many key elements in their success. With over 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, brothers Robert A. Rositano, Jr. and Dean Rositano fit neatly within this category of founders using the partnership as a strength.



At times driven by “inspiration or desperation,” Robert A. Rositano notes that motivation and visualization have helped him achieve his objectives, which have included the internet’s first IPO, Netcom Online Communications, Inc.



Today, the Rositanos’ CheckMate Mobile, founded in 2009, is a mobile app development company based in Los Gatos, California that includes an incubator division, CMI Mobile Incubator, in which apps are developed on a partnership basis.



Recently, founder and CEO Robert A. Rositano took time to answer a series of questions for KillerStartups :

When did your history with internet entrepreneurship begin?

1991 is when I got my start.


Can you tell me about the steps you first took?

My first steps were developing a sales and customer service organization that sold, supported, and processed all UNIX dial-up account subscribers.  As a founding member of Netcom Online Communications, Inc, we developed “NetCruiser” which was the first internet browser.


Then, this lead to the development of educational products, software, and consumer related products from which a complimentary business to the ISP industry was founded.



What time do you start your workday?

I can’t figure out when my day starts vs when it actually ends… I’m always working as I have an office both at home and at work.


When you leave the office, what’s the first thing you do?

Work. Continue with more phone calls and updates for company relationships. Also, I set a plan for evening work and the next day’s work as well. Then, I hit the gym.


At what point in the day do your best ideas come to you considering your schedule?

Usually, they come to me late at night when working. Things are quiet and it allows me to concentrate.



Tell me about your typical day and its duties.

It’s about management which includes walking around, driving time-lines, and looking at market trends, app downloads, and checking in on the overall operation. Caring for our team (as a family) is also a big part of my day. Culture is a very important part of what makes a company tick and wanting to come to work is huge!


What’s on your desk right now?

It has a task list of 38 items, 2 mobile app proposals (MAPS), branding elements and time-lines for our latest app release.


Can you share with us what your favorite book is?

Think Big and Kick Ass by Donald Trump


What gave you the confidence to move forward with your big idea?

I have always believed that either “inspiration or desperation” drives your decisions and direction. I’ve been driven by both at different times in my life, but I have always believed that if I can dream it and visualize it, I can clearly achieve it. Motivation and determination keep me focused!



What advice do you give to other entrepreneurs struggling to get their business up and running?

LEARN TO JUGGLE. It seems simple to put two dots on white board (one representing where you are today and the other representing where you want to be) and connect them. Just remember, it’s usually a “squiggly” line as opposed to a straight one that will lead you to your goal. So don’t quit, don’t give up and enjoy the unknowns. Each little twist and turn is the fun part!


Who has been your biggest supporter or supporters in your evolution?

My wife, my family, my brother Dean and the little voice in my head that won’t let me quit!



By the way, Is there anyone on Twitter that you recommend following?

I find it humorous to follow Charlie Sheen. He’s funny and so off the wall. Anything that may have been important or stressful just goes away!


Where can your readers get a hold of you?




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