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CheckinTab.comCheckinTab is a new service that enables Facebook users to create future check-ins. People who go for this service are basically enabled to tell all his social network friends where they intend to be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. They can let everybody know about all the shops that they intend to visit, the public events they are attending and the bars they are meant to be celebrating the night at.


In this way, planning what to do together becomes incredibly simpler. One can always know where his friends are going to be found, without even needing to ask them first. CheckinTab enables anybody to get that information at a mere glance; it’s a time-saving application bar none. And that’s not mentioning how fantastic something like this is for the promotion of venues, of course.

Venue managers can activate CheckinTab by granting the application access to their Facebook accounts, and then adding the pages to which people can check-in to. The service is free from start to finish. In Their Own Words

CheckinTab beta is a service provided by

It allows your Facebook Page visitors to check in your place on Facebook right when they browse.

Your visitors can create a future check-in and inform their friends that they will be at your place at a specific time tomorrow or next week. This is the perfect way to promote your business to new customers!

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What other uses can a service like this one be put to?

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