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Check Out This Awesome POP Art For Your Startup Office!

Today’s Killer Startup: POPteam



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Elevator Pitch:

Create personalized team portraits of your startup team for your office with POP Team’s remixing tools.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

My brother’s startup is currently going through the enviable problem of figuring out how to decorate their new office. With explosive growth last year, they’ve had to finally lease their own space in the West Village.


Congratulations, BrandYourself team! Way to continue kicking ass.


Unfortunately, their skills lie much more in the digital world than in the physical, decorating world – a problem that a lot of startup founders undoubtedly face. POPteam – the latest from the team at JuicyCanvas – has a solution for founders looking for a fun, easy way to decorate their offices and show support for their ever-expanding teams. They offer pop art-style portraits of startup teams.


The process is quick and simple, ‘cause we all know you founders don’t have time for anything extra. Everyone on your team snaps a selfie, you send it off to POPteam, and their artists remix them into pop art portraits. They then print them on either stretched canvas or as a framed print and you’ll have your custom art in office before you can even pick out new paint colors.


POPteam also offers digital versions of the portraits so that your team can bring all of their awesomeness to their online avatars as well as your office walls. With the combination of both, you’re guaranteed to be the most colorful, splashy team on the block.


And finally, POPteam portraits are a great way for rapidly growing companies like my brother’s to show appreciation for the people that got them there: their team. Show a little love and make your office just a little bit prettier with POPteam.



Searching for a badass way to decorate that new #startup office? Get original team portraits with #POPteam by @JuicyCanvas!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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