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ChatWing.comAdding a chat room to a site is a great way to let visitors begin forging a true sense of identity. And a visitor who starts building a sense of attachment to a site is the perfect equation as far as any webmaster worth its salt is concerned. I am sure you all agree with that. And I am also sure that the only thing that might keep some webmasters from actually adding chats to their site is that they are afraid such a thing could cost them time or money. Well, this new service will prove them wrong. It will let them implement a chat room in no time at all, and it will let them do it without having to pay a fortune for the privilege. In fact, they will be generating an income by adding the chat, since it will come with ads that visitors are sure to be attracted to.


These chats can actually be added to any site, although special emphasis is placed on the North American market. Yet, those who are in territories other than the US can get in touch with the company and request its assistance for implementing one such chat in their own sites. In Their Own Words

Let your visitors communicate in real time… while generating advertising revenue!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any webmaster give his visitors an added reason for staying on his site.

Some Questions About

Do these chats support smileys? What about file transfer?

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