– Reward Loyal Customers

Chatterfly.comThere’s currently lots and lots of ways for brands to get people engaged (see Spot for a good, recent example), but there’s always room for new entrants like Chatterfly. Here, the emphasis is on rewarding faithful and returning consumers. These are rewarded for spreading the word about these stores that they love shopping at. They get points for doing so, and these points can eventually be redeemed for cool prizes. These include everything from discounts, free goodies and being treated as VIPs. And it goes without saying that points are also accrued for making actual purchases.

Chatterfly is implemented by way of a mobile application that works in conjunction with QR codes that are placed at registers. Currently, both iOS and Android are supported. The app costs nothing in both cases, and setup takes less than 1 minute. And once the application is up and running, then you can also use it to find new stores in your close vicinity. Which is the epitome of usefulness when it’s your first time on any foreign city, of course. You can not only discover stores, but discover really top stores at that. In Their Own Words

Let your favourite local business reward your loyalty.

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