Chatscene Introduces Social Networking That’s Actually Social

Not knowing where to start – it’s the conversation hurdle that trips up so many of us, over and over again.


Have no fear, friends. Chatscene is location-based social app that makes it easy to glide past the awkwardness of beginning new relationships.


chatscene landing


The Chatscene mobile app (currently available for iPhone) creates a social network with the people in your immediate vicinity. Open the app, and you can browse the profiles of people nearby and start chatting. Profiles contain basic biographical information and other ice-breaking material (mutual friends, mutual interests), while the chat feature allows for first contact without sharing phone numbers or identity-revealing details.


Safe, social, and thoughtfully designed, Chatscene gives users a simple way to learn more about the people around them – be it the bar, library, sporting event, grocery store – and a familiar way to engage others more easily.


Unlike so many other social apps that pull us out of our surroundings and steer us toward experiencing the moment through private lenses, Chatscene is geared for truly connecting in the physical world. It’s genuinely social and built for helping people to make the most of each moment.


A combination of the Foursquare API and the startup’s own proprietary tech allows Chatscene to cue up real-time information about local people and places. Who needs planning? With Chatscene, it’s possible to gain a better handle on the world around you, anytime.


There’s no check-in. You can turn off location services so you can go anywhere in stealth mode when you don’t wish to be noticed. And the app is integrated with Facebook for simple login, reliable authentication of users, and quick profile setup.




It’s worth mentioning that Chatscene is valuable for a lot more than meeting new people or trying to score a date. It’s a great tool for checking to see if anyone you know is around – when you’re in the mood for company OR if you’re hoping to avoid familiar faces. It’s also a way to satisfy that very basic curiosity of wanting to know more about the people around you, without having to push into others’ space.


No one I know cares to socialize to the same extent all the time. Chatscene is a convenient way to survey the crowd in seconds and find out if there are people who you want to engage.


Learn more about the app at or download Chatscene on the App Store.


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