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ChatGambler.comOne would think that the ChatRoulette fever had died down a long time ago, but along come applications like this one – applications that show some people still believe in the concept so enthusiastically as to devise their own variations on what was one of the most noticeable chat platforms of recent times.

ChatGambler feels and works just like ChatRoulette – it is a website where you are connected with random strangers, with whom you can chat until they become boring (or until you bore them). When that happens, you simply move on and make a new connection.

There are obviously some differences (otherwise, what would be the point of it all?), namely that you can exert some control over who you are meeting – the site lets you specify your sex, and the sex of the person you are keen on connecting with. However, it is perfectly possible to mislabel that intentionally if you just are up for some mischief. So, it can be argued how much will that really affect the experience of users in a positive sense. In Their Own Words

Advanced random video chat.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like a (slightly) more refined version of ChatRoulette.

Some Questions About

Do we really need more sites like ChatRoulette?