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Change-Congress.orgIt’s an election year. Politics are in.


Getting political is in. Change is very in. It’s fitting that the new site aptly titled Change Congress has come along. Change Congress wants to end politics as usual beginning in Congress. It’s a movement to end corruption, pandering, and special interests that so bog down the congressional system such that it’s hard to make any real changes. Think of it as the modern signature getting, petition seeking grassroots citizen’s movement that uses the power of the web versus the power of the pen. You can join by registering your email and zip code. You can take the Change Congress pledge, donate, read the blog, and learn about how your congress man or woman is using your tax dollars for change or otherwise. Joining and participating is completely free of charge, of course. In Their Own Words

“Change Congress is a movement to build support for basic reform in how our government functions. Using our tools, both candidates and citizens can pledge their support for basic changes to reduce the distorting influence of money in Washington. Our community will link candidates committed to a reform with volunteers and contributors who support it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Change Congress is a good idea. It’s got a noble cause and it helps users inform themselves about the realities of Congressional spending. It doesn’t require a lot of participation, simply a mouse click gets you pledged and pegged as a supporter.

Some Questions About

Is Change Congress’s platform the best way to get noticed? Why not make the site more interactive? What’s the real goal behind having citizens pledge and join?

Author : Bruce Turner

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