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Those who live in Central Florida can always turn to the News 13 website for the latest news, weather reports and information concerning their local communities. Coverage on the following is provided 24/7: “Traffic”, “Sports”, “Politics”, “Business” and “Weather”. These are all categories that you can choose on, along with others like “On The Town”, “Community” and “Videos”.

As in any other news portal, the most recent stories are all highlighted on the homepage. You can see both the most important national and international news at a glance.

Still, the focus is kept on what’s happening on Central Florida. includes real time traffic reports and severe weather alarms. And the site also comes with a community calendar where you can see what’s happening in your neighborhood, and easily submit your very own events for all to see. Besides, there’s a “Everyday Hero” corner where ordinary people who are trying to make Central Florida a better place get their stories told.

And you’d be glad to know that you can get the weather and traffic reports that were mentioned on your mobile, so that deciding on which route to take to get somewhere (and even whether to go there or not at all) is much easier.