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Cesresources.orgThe Center for Education Solutions believes that education is the key to individual success. The founder, Rhett Bratt, envisioned a “clearinghouse of information” where schools and companies could look for successful programs.

The Center for Education Solutions has become that source of “non-traditional” resources for education. In order to improve any education system, you have to give to the people directly involved, the tools, skills and resources to succeed. The Center for Education Solutions offers important programs like the Charmon scholarship program, which honors people that return to school to help disadvantage kids at a rural setting, or teach English to immigrants or open shelters for inner city youth. The Reading Programs are really also invaluable resources like the Diversity Book Program that provides important pieces of readings regarding specific minorities, or the project Read to boost reading skills and the Navajo Nation Library. You can take advantage of all the resources offered at Cesresources.org. If you want to go a step further, visit the site and become a supporter too. Cesresources.org