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Cellufun.comSet your phone browser to http://wap.cellufun.


com to download cool games and puzzles that you can play by yourself or as interactive competitions with other mobile users. Cellufun offers high-quality graphics that are best viewed on a fancy, wide LCD screen. You can begin a “clique,” a group of mobile users who like to play one game with each other. It’s a fun way to kill time during boring classes or while you are commuting, and it’s free. In Their Own Words

Cellufun is an ad sponsored mobile gaming portal providing free entertainment content and casual, connected and multiplayer games for existing and next-generation web-enabled mobile phones.

Our vision is to bring state of the art multiplayer gaming to the world’s most prevalent and rapidly growing personal computing platform – the cell phone. Our unique Smooth Move™ technology supports true arcade style action across all major carriers. Our games of chance and skill let you compete for both online and off line prizes and our online community offers a great forum for bragging about your latest scores, getting game hints and goodies, and meeting other gamers.

Cellufun’s game studios are working around the clock to produce new and exciting mobile gaming experiences. In addition to our award winning original games, we are partnering with major media companies to bring world class branded entertainment, tailored to your cell phone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The games and puzzles are a fun idea that will appeal to young people who are overly excited about what their cell phones can do. And there’s a lot of potential for Cellufun to grow if it partners with other media providers.

Some Questions About

In the future, does Cellufun plan to offer more than just games and puzzles? What about putting their creativity to work and developing their own custom games?

Author : Bruce Turner

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