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cellity.comCellity, a German company, provides free money-saving software for your mobile phone. It’s mainly targeting the European prepaid cellular market where direct calls are charged over tariff .

The Cellity software vets tariffs to discern which route is least expensive. Users must first register to download Cellity, but there’s absolutely no cost involved. Once downloaded, Cellity remains active on Symbian phones; users of Java-enabled phones must activate Cellity prior to each call. Blackberry and Windows phone support is soon to come. Cellity also comes with an address book, free Twitter access, and free SMS.

cellity.com In Their Own Words

“cellity is a piece of software for download onto your cellphone. You make phone calls just as before – and cellity saves you a packet on call costs. It also comes with various free features to broaden your cellphone functionality.”

Why cellity.com It Might Be A Killer

Cellity is ideal for the European market, where tariffs can be especially high. If the service does save callers 90% as they claim, it’s bound to be a popular choice. Cellity is also one of the first companies to offer direct calls to PTSN or phone numbers. Its Twitter integration makes it especially current.

Some Questions About cellity.com

When will Cellity be available to the public? What other features will it contain? How clear are the connections? cellity.com