Cellit.us – Mobile Video Classifieds

Cellit is another video classifieds site but its gimmick is that the videos are made with your cell phone. To sell your wares on Cellit, simply take a picture or video and email it to 4sale@cellit.

us. An operator will call you to complete the process, adding tags, descriptions, etc. Listing fees range from $4.95 to $24.95. There’s also a $2 surcharge on items less than $100. Items are listed until sold. Sellers can link to their personal site or blog for free. Shoppers can easily contact sellers via email and messaging; they can also send links to friends, mark items as favorites, schedule reminders and make comments. There’s also the option to upload a short video biography about yourself to establish a rapport with potential customers.

Cellit.us In Their Own Words

“Cell)))it is an online cell-phone video marketplace for buying and selling all things. Launched August 15, 2006, Cell)))it appeals to the 100-million multi-media cell-phones that have something to sell and even more internet shoppers looking for online values. Cell)))it wants to extend mobile cell-phone pictures and video to real world functionality.
Cell)))it wants to bring the power of video, the convenience of cell-phones, and moving merchandise.
Video works to show motion, color, and sound. Video brings life to listings with movement and sound that helps to clearly showoff the merchandise.”

Why Cellit.us It Might Be A Killer

Cellit is a quick and easy way to sell your things. The listing fees are very affordable. The bio option is a nice touch.

Some Questions About Cellit.us

Cell phone videos aren’t known for their quality. Will buyers really be tempted to make purchases based on these low res videos?