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Cellfire.comCellular coupon deliver service Cellfire and small business promoter MerchantCircle have teamed up to allow for the mobile delivery of coupons for MerchantCircles 200,000+ clients. Cellfire has already established itself as the only mobile coupon company, and currently offers its subscribers geographically-specific coupons to large chains such as Papa John’s and Virgin Megastores.


Now, however, Cellfire’s clientele can also receive coupons from smaller local merchants thanks to the partnership with MerchantCircle. To get Cellfire for your mobile device, simply access the website either online or through your remote browser, and download the application, free of charge. In Their Own Words

“Have a cell phone? Like to save money? Cellfire gives you the best deals, instantly, right on your cell phone. Cellfire enables savvy shoppers and budget-conscious consumers to save money when they are dining out, shopping, or just having fun. Users have their own set of discounts and offers specific to their geographic locations. Users simply click on the coupon they want to use and show it to the store sales person for redemption. Cellfire users never need to clip paper coupons”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cellfire’s service is already unique, so it will be the exclusive way of letting Cellfire customers have access to coupons from more local businesses that are MerchantCircle clients. This partnership should help boost commerce for both MerchantCircle clients and Cellfire.

Some Questions About

Cellfire may not support your mobile device and/or provider, so be sure to check on their site for compatibility.

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