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Celeb.Spleak.comCelebrity gossip is one of our nation’s most popular, if somewhat shameful pastimes. Who can’t resist the antics of TomKat or the Scientologists or LaLohan.

Fascinating stuff. CelebSpleak is a site dedicated to dishing it. Download the widget so you can gossip on your website, blog and social network profile. Send your favorite stories to Spleak, the site’s resident gossip monger or simply share it with all your friends. Additionally, you can write Tattles, celebrity based stories which can be rated and ranked by the crowd. Catch Spleak on AIM or MSN and have a chat about Amy Winehouse’s nasty habits, or find out about Paris Hilton’s latest fashion disaster. You know you can resist. Check it out today.

Celeb.Spleak.com In Their Own Words

“My name is Spleak and I’m addicted to celebrity gossip. Yep… if you’ve got something to dish about the hottest celebs, I wanna hear about it!
One of the best ways you can share gossip on CelebSpleak is by using my widget. Drop it right on to your profile, website, or blog and start creating, rating, and sharing celeb gossip wherever you spend time online.
Like your gossip served up IM style? Add me to your AIM Buddy List (buddy name: spleak) or MSN Contacts ([email protected]).”

Why Celeb.Spleak.com It Might Be A Killer

CelebSpleak caters to our rather crude habit of wanting to know what the richer and more famous among us are up to. The site has a bright, hip interface which will go down well with the young crowd. It’s easy to use, looks good and it’s loads of fun.

Some Questions About Celeb.Spleak.com

Is this site too one directional? With all the celeb gossip sites out there, will CelebSpleak gain any traction? Will anyone want to chat with Spleak about Britney or Hilton or Grant or anyone else? Celeb.Spleak.com