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CedarPoint.comIf you’re planning to have a great time you’ve come to the right place. In CedarPoin.


com you’ll find very great activities for you to have a lot of fun and more. You’ll be able to know everything about all the park’s attractions including all the roller coasters (Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Wicked Twister, Millennium Force, Magnum XL -200, Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride Corkscrew, disaster Transport, Gemini, Iron Dragon, Jr. Gemini, Mantis, Mean Streak, Raptor, Wildcat, and Woodstock Express), Thrill Rides ( Chaos, Demon Drop, Dodgem, maXair, Ocean Motion, Power Tower, Skyhawk, Troika, and Witches’ Wheel), Carousels (Cedar Downs Racing Derby, Kiddy Kingdom Carousel and Midway Carousel), Children’s Rides (Camp Snoopy, Gemini Midway, Kiddy Kingdom, and Peanuts Playground) ,Spinning Rides (Calypso, Matterhorn, Monster, Scrambler, Super Himalaya, and Wave Swinger), Tranquil Rides (Antique Cars, Cadillac Cars, CP & LE Railroad, Giant Wheel, Paddlewheel Excursions, Sky Ride, Space Spiral, and Turnpike Cars), and Water Rides (Snake River Falls, and Thunder Canyon). In this website you’re also able to buy your tickets online and ask for group sales as well as ticket prices. Besides, you can get all the info related to dates and hours including the Events Calendar. Moreover, there’s a lot of accommodation information available such as hotels’ sites links and online reservations. Everything is already thought for you to have a great time. You’ll be able to plan your visit right from the beginning by having access to brochures, directions, air and ground travel and local transportation info, as well as trip tips and even pet check instructions. There’s a Park Map at your disposal so you can make your own tour throughout the park. Check out everything related to the park’s shows and food options among other things. In this site there’re many other interesting things for you to enjoy, including screensavers, puzzles and games, park webcams, and many other fun stuff.

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