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CDMessenger.comTesting out this new application is a good idea if you’ve been thinking and thinking of ways to have a more productive team, and nothing came. Well, CD Messenger is going to let you work on one of the key aspects of any office, namely that of communication. By getting CD Messenger, you’ll be giving all your employees a chat application that’s going to be used only by them. CD Messenger is a chat system that keeps all possible distractions well away. Only those who work within your office will be using it. The chances of any employee being interrupted by a friend who doesn’t remember at which time they are meant to meet later that same day, and who should bring something to drink and who should bring something to eat are minimized as much as possible.

And as it was only fit, CD Messenger lets you start group conversations. You can have your whole office become part of these, and people can be added/removed as you go along.

Plus, CD Messenger comes with some features that enhance communication even more, such as the ability to use sticky notes, and a reminder system for events. And to-do lists can be created and shared with all those who should see them, too. In Their Own Words

An office instant messenger & organizer.

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