KillerStartups – Japanese Music to know about Japanese music and idols? Want to find any glamorous Japanese artist? In

jp the user can find everything related to Japanese music, idols, movies, Japanese special interests and more. The site provides a remarkably organized way of buying and browsing all the stuff available. The site has a special program for sales, where the user signs in and creates an account, and then he chooses every article he likes; paying them afterwards with their Visa or Master card. The costumer also has some account benefit that is given by a money saving program, which involves a coupon program and shopper points. In this site the user can also search for special requests in a search box provided in the main menu, where can search for the different artist or actors in particular as well. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to CDJapan! Our online shop is the best place to directly order the latest CDs, DVDs, and collectibles officially released in Japan. Working closely with the leading suppliers, we also strive to be the most comprehensive and reliable source of product information including the availabilities. Our goal is to offer a safe, convenient, and fun shopping experience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site has everything about contemporary and juvenile japanese culture. The oriental culture and tendencies are pretty much imposing on the occidental culture. That’s why users are to a great extent intrested in it, and an easy anf fast way to learn more about it is on the Internet.

Some Questions About

Will they provide a better explanation about their products? All products are shown to visitors but most of them haven’t got an explanation for the costumer to be acquainted with the items.

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