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CcToDo.comIf you feel like your responsibilities are getting in the way of your social life, then you need to do something before it is too late. And a service like ccToDo might as well provide you with all the help you ever need.


Essentially, ccToDo is a productivity tool that lets you track all these tasks that you have to get done, and stay on top of them without having to spend more time than you have to spare.

ccToDo has a really simple interface that highlights all that has to be done, and clutter is kept right out it all. The moment you create a task, it is added to your list of pending activities. And you can check them all at a glance, without any kind of distraction, and whichever device you have at hand – your PC, your phone, your iPad…

Plus, ccToDo lets you use your email account in order to have tasks created and synced. So, as far as malleability goes ccToDo gets full marks indeed. In Their Own Words

The simple and intuitive ccToDo app provides to do list, task management and cloud synchronization to help you stay ahead of your schedule ? without that nagging feeling of having forgotten something.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an application makes it very easy to create tasks and track them whenever you happen to be located.

Some Questions About

Can it compete against applications that do mostly the same, and that have been around for so much longer?

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