Cbi.iq – Iraq Central Bank

This is The Central Bank of Iraq’s Official website. Here you can learn about their monetary policy, financial statements and exchange rates among other useful information regarding the subject.

Enter this website and you will find the home on the Internet of the financial institution that bears the name of Central Bank of Irak and the responsibility of ensuring price stability in that country. What they offer by means of these pages is a complete source of information about what the institution has to offer to its clients, from products to services, Exchange Rates and even Economic data just to name a few. “History”, along with “Monetary Policy“, “Payment Systems” and even “Banknotes & Coins” are only some of the sections at your disposal.

It is an important source of information on the economic issues of a country located in a region with constant media coverage these days. More still in the global economy that rules modern times. The site really offers a lot of information , which will get the attention of anyone interested in economic issues and also of those who like to be informed about general news. For example, the site includes a detailed section on the external debt of the country, with the restructuring plan that the government will use to reduce it.

Laws and Regulations have also a special space in the menu, where visitors can read about the laws, licensing, and some ordinances which regulate The Central Bank of Iraq’s activity.

Images of the banknotes and coins are available too, and the history of the bank is intertwined with Iraq’s history, which will get the attention of anyone who is interested in that area of the world.

If the subject has caught your attention and you would like to learn more about it, you should click on the link provided.

Cbi.iq In Their Own Words

The primary objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is to ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based financial system.

Why Cbi.iq It Might Be A Killer

The website has a tidy design that makes it attractive for anyone interested in global economy.

Some Questions About Cbi.iq

The career opportunities offered through the site are only for people born in Iraq or candidates from all over the world can apply?