– Find The Best Podcasts On The Web“Discover the best podcasts and share them with everyone” is the tagline of this website, and that is exactly what you can expect if you give it a try. In principle, CastRoller is a subscription tool that provides recommendations based on the podcasts that the user has added.

Moreover, users can add their friends and see their own postcads, as well as to share episodes with them.

Social features like the creation of channels that revolve around a certain topic or event are also accounted for, effectively letting you categorize the podcasts you like best and group them together for viewing convenience.

The site includes comprehensive information as regards how to get started, as well as information on specific matters such as how to export iTunes. A blog is also included for further guidance. As it is only fit, a CastRoller Podcast is featured for you to check it out.

At the end of the day, a service like this one makes it possible for anybody to have personalized entertainment delivered straight to him, as well as sharing interesting content with others. In Their Own Words

“CastRoller is an online podcast subscription tool. Users can add their favorite podcasts and will receive personalized recommendations for podcasts they might enjoy. They can add their friends and see the podcasts that their friends are listening to and share episodes with them. With CastRoller, you can manage your podcast subscriptions in once place and use the RSS feeds to have the episodes delivered to all of your devices automatically.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This service enables anybody to have ready access to content that is bound to appeal to him, and share it with others easily.

Some Questions About

Is there a limit to the number of podcasts you can subscribe to?