Receive Loans Up To $100 Via Smartphone Using CashOnCell

Notice served, payday loan industry. There’s a new way to access cash coming very soon that’s fast, convenient and fair.


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With CashOnCell, people will be able to receive small, personal loans (from $50 to $100) via smartphone. No going to the bank first, no visiting a payday lender. Nope, instead CashOnCell will add the money directly to your bank account or debit/credit card.


Unlike traditional micro loans, borrowers have a month to pay back the loan, or approximately double the time they’re usually given. And, and – this is huge – there is zero interest involved. No interest.


How is this possible? CashOnCell has ingeniously arranged to have the loan added to your cellphone bill. For the price of this convenience there’s a $0.99 cent monthly subscription fee and a 3% processing charge.


If you’ve never found yourself in a checkout line only to discover you were short on the register, well, you have an X-Men-worthy power. For the rest of us, CashOnCell is an easy way to cover shortfalls. Fast.


Obtaining a loan through CashOnCell doesn’t require a credit check or collateral. All you need is a smartphone account in your name – which nearly everyone has. So, regardless of income or credit, anyone with a phone can get a short-term loan thanks to CashOnCell.


What’s the advantage of living in an on-demand world where you can summon taxis, order food, or buy just about anything you crave, in the moment, if you don’t have the money on hand? Welcome to the world of on-demand cash.


Besides, it’s high time that those with tight budgets (like college students or parents juggling multiple jobs and constantly struggling to stay afloat) are given help rather than exploited. Good riddance to lenders with excessive fees and repayment periods meant to be traps, and hello quick, affordable loans with an entirely transparent process.


This industry-shaking service is preparing to launch in 2017. They’re on a mission to add 1 million subscribers by January of 2017, so they’re offering three months of free subscription plus no transaction fee on your first loan for those who come aboard early. Signup here, or learn more about the service at


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