– Campus finance solutions

Cashnet.comCash Net is a California-based company that provides finance and webmaster solutions for higher-education institutions and universities in the US. What the company really does is working as an integrated consultant and developer, figuring out in which ways a campus can lower its running costs through self-service or how to cut banking costs for users and institutions alike by maximizing the use of online processes and apps.

In short, the services provided by Cash Net aim to rationalize accounting, billing and bookkeeping work by generating integral payment processing solutions that can cater for web payments, electronic billing, installment payment plans, electronic refunding, cashiering and departmental commerce in the same place, and thus avoiding duplication of processes. At the site you will be able to take a look at real-life study cases and see in which way the company generates specific solutions for specific problems, and see if the Cash Net can help you solve them.