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CashMyTronics.comA Canadian company, CashMyTronics has the mission of letting people get rid of their unused electronics in an eco-friendly way. As it is correctly pointed out on the site, these electronics might no longer be useful to them, but they might be of great use

to people located elsewhere.


Therefore, CashMyTronics makes for giving these devices a whole new lease of life.

There are nine different categories of products at the moment, but more are meant to be added as the company expands itself. The categories which are currently available include “Cell phones”, “MP3 players”, “Cameras”, “Camcorders”, “PDAs”, “Laptops”, “GPS”, “Game Consoles” and “Calculators”.

Selling anything is a simple matter of searching for the device in the relevant category, and telling the company about its condition. You will then receive an offer, and if you accept it you will have to ship your item to the company. Once it gets there, it will be tested. If all is fine, you will be paid through Paypal or via a check. Your item will then be refurbished and resold by the company. In Their Own Words

“Sell used electronics.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to make some quick money. Plus, it is a noble way to prevent landfills from growing.

Some Questions About

Which new categories will be added next?

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