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Cash4lead.comCash4lead is a newly established web-based online lead exchange marketplace. The solution allows lead sellers to connect with buyers and to share information in a safe and secure manner.


Those who have a lead are able to set their own price and are paid quickly upon the completion of a transaction by Cash4lead through Paypal. Some of the general categories currently supported include: Hardware, IT Services, Software Services, Software, Financial Services, Consumer Loans, Construction, and Real Estate. Whether you have a network of leads that you’d like to better profit from or you are in need of a service, Cash4lead can help by streamlining the entire process. In Their Own Words

“Cash4Lead is a social Lead exchange that connects seller and buyer and helps them share Lead information in a safe and secure manner. Founded in 2008 with an idea to bring sellers and buyers of Lead information together in a robust Lead exchange platform, Cash4Lead is cutting the middlemen to optimize the sales cycle and in turn benefiting the buyer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a robust solution that could become a popular tool for people with leads looking to quickly capitalize on them. The site is well set up and the ability for lead sellers to set their own prices and receive quick, safe and secure payments will be appreciated.

Some Questions About

How will they get the ball rolling to reach the all-important critical mass in this competitive sector? Will their referral network be enough to persuade a sufficient number of early adopters?

Author : Caroline Bright

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