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Cartfly.comCartfly is an e-commerce blogging tool you can use to set up a free mini-ecommerce store from your blog, site or social networking websites. If you have something to sell and a Paypal account, you are already halfway there, setting up an account on Cartfly couldn’t be made easier.


Each individual cartfly shop widget comes with a sharecode, ratings and feedback you can use to get visibility and comments on your product. Best of all, this is all completely fee. In Their Own Words

Cartfly is the newest way to sell your products online. No setup fees. No annual fees. No listing fees. This simple e-commerce tool allows anyone with a valid PayPal email address to start selling! It’s FREE. It’s EASY. It’s SIMPLE.
Customize the look of your new store and start selling items across the web. Cartfly gives you embeddable code to add your store directly into your favorite social networks, blogs, personal domains, etc. Why limit your store to one location when you can have hundreds? Each store has available share code that works like a YouTube video for supporters, friends, fans or existing customers. Build hundreds of online store locations just by asking others to support your cause. Promote new products, your entire inventory, or even a select few items. Every sale made at any location comes directly back to you. Every store receives updates automatically as you make changes.
Just add your prices, descriptions, customize your store and start selling! Zero transaction fees for all sales during the free period. Starting June 1st Cartfly will only take a 3% transaction fee of the total sale to keep the lights on, and that’s it.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Carfly is another e-commerce tool that is taking advantage of social networks and blogs. Just like the facebook application that allows you to sell t-shirts from your profile, Cartfly lets you sell whatever product you have to offer. This is a great tool, considering it could make anyone with a product, a social network or blog and a paypal account part of the millions that reap the benefits of e-commerce.

Some Questions About

Other marketing tools don’t even bother taking a transaction fee, and in stead offer premium plans for mini-ecommerce widgets. Will this hurt their startup? What about allowing people to interact and buy directly from the widget, instead of having to click through?


Author : Irene Davids

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