– A Marketplace For Artists

Cargoh.comCargoh can be defined as a social marketplace in which artists can promote what they do and make new professional connections. The site lets creative types sell their own goods in a direct and simple way, as it is split in categories like “Apparel”, “Jewelry”, “Music” and “Accessories”.

Those who visit the site can freely browse through all the available items and (if they see anything they like) buy it instantly. And the option to see both the newest items and the ones that are more popular simply makes the whole shopping experience better, as does checking out the sellers that are rotated at the bottom of the main page.

Finally, it must be added that the site includes a calendar of events that is always up-to-date. If you like to meet face to face with the ones who design the accessories you wear or the items that you use to decorate your room/office, then you are sure to find somewhere to head to there. And both regional and international events are included, too. In Their Own Words

“Social marketplace for independent art, design and culture.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns selling and buying art into something entirely easy for both sides.

Some Questions About

What fees must sellers pay for the transactions they conduct through this site?