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carepathways.comIf you are currently facing the responsibility of caring for an aging parent, you will find an interesting site to visit. Care Pathways provides families with helpful information about senior care and senior housing options, so you can make informed decisions regarding the care of your loved ones.

On you will find a large directory of home care agencies, long-term care companies, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Besides, the site provides a tool so you can evaluate and compare nursing homes anywhere in the United States, a wide archive of senior care-related articles, and an online store where you can buy elderly care products.

Are you looking for information about senior housing and senior care? Would you like to read reviews about the best home care agencies and long-term companies in the United States? If that is your case, then might be a good option to keep in mind. In Their Own Words

\”This site was created and is maintained by RNs dedicated to providing seniors

and their families access to quality information, products and services\”

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This site offers very useful and interesting information about senior care, providing everything the user wants and needs to know about the subject. Also after investigating the topic, the site offers you the possibility to buy these promoted products online and in a free way. The site might get the attention of a big audience since these topics are immersed in everybody’s daily life.

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