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Caregrade.comFinding the right senior care facility for your parents or grandparents is a stressful process for anyone. Luckily, CareGrade is here to make sure that you make the most informed decision possible.

The site combines user and professional reviews of a variety of senior care facilities and businesses, ranging from assisted living to hospice to dialysis experts. Users simply search by location and either a specific business name or the specific type of care they are seeking. CareGrade then pulls up a detailed list of results, which combine detailed information about the specific facility or business- location, contact information, dates of founding- as well as user and professional reviews. The site also pulls up a Google map, so you know the exact location In Their Own Words

“CareGrade was developed to help people rate, review and find senior service providers and facilities in their area. We are the only website of our kind that utilizes both consumer and professional reviews.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Traditionally, the most reliable way clients have found out about senior care facilities has been through word-of-mouth. CareGrade attempts to build on this philosophy, but by using thousands of user opinions, so that anyone, anywhere, can make an informed decision about senior services. Moreover, it seems like there is a new horror story every few months about atrocities in senior living centers; CareGrade addresses some of the unknown factors you might miss with a simple visit to a facility.

Some Questions About

When will the database be more complete? Not only are there practically no user or professional reviews, but the basic company information is not filled out.