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CareerSquared.comA job seeker who is searching for online career service providers already knows that a single search is bound to produce so many results that (if he is not careful) he might end working with a unqualified provider, or being directed to a career website that operates without transparency. For example, it is sadly commonplace to hear about career service providers that give very limited access to the person who is actually providing the service.


That is what this site aims to address. CareerSquared aims to stand as a marketplace where everything is transparent and where connections can be readily made.

The service providers that can be hired through the site can take care of tasks such as resume/CV writing along with the confection of both cover and follow-up letters. Also, they specialize in interview coaching and career consultation.

Requesting a service through CareerSquared is quite easy, as all that the job seeker has to do is fill out a short form specifying the service that he is after along with the amount that he is willing to pay. This request will be posted on the site, and service providers that feel they can take care of it can get in touch and volunteer their services. If all goes well, the job is reserved and then they begin working on what the job seeker needs. In Their Own Words

“We bring together job seekers and career related service providers in an easy to use marketplace. Our service providers specialize in a wide range of services including resume/CV writing and critique, cover letters, thank-you/follow up letters, interview coaching, career consultation and other custom requests. Whether your needs are unique or you are simply seeking standard services, we’ve got you covered.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not that many platforms bringing together qualified service providers and job seekers in an open self-service marketplace like this one does.

Some Questions About

Are there fees to be paid for using this service?

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