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Careerify.caCareerify is a company whose objective is to help employers connect with the right candidates, both active and passive. Using social networking and a matching system of its own, Careerify is able to reduce the amount of time it takes an employer to find a well qualified candidate, as well as the amount of time a candidate spends searching for that ideal career for them.

Careerify users can not only look up their desired positions but also find and be introduced to specific employers, and even learn about their cultures. Moreover, the company lets users find and connect with peers and help them attain their career goals through referrals.

In final place, it is interesting to point out that a rewards program is also featured. Users are awarded Careerify points by referring peers to the Careerify network. These can be redeemed for rewards such as spa getaways and gift cards. For more information simply follow the link provided underneath and see if you can expand your professional outreach through it. In Their Own Words

“Careerify enables users to manage their careers and connect with employers through social networking. Whether you are actively looking for a new career or happy with your current one, Careerify’s advanced search algorithms will match you to opportunities that align with your perfect career. And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, earn Careerify Reward Points for building your professional social network, and redeem those points for great rewards!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the tightening of corporate belts during a global economic recession, finding your perfect career or let alone any career is no easy task. Platforms like Careerify can help not only candidates but also companies to save time and money.

Some Questions About

Which countries are actually supported? Which ones will be supported later on?