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CardSauce.comWe can define CardSauce as an online hub for physical greeting cards. That is, users can count on this online resource for uploading their original greeting card designs, and advertise them effortlessly.

In this way, others can browse them and purchase any design they like on the spot.

These greeting cards are known as “sauces”, hence the name of the site. These sauces can be easily looked up using the provided search functionality. Moreover, contests are run on the site frequently as a way of spicing the interest of users and also fostering community spirit.

The main idea is to let anybody find what he wants (IE, the right card for the right event) without having to rush out in a hurry because – people being people – we often tend to leave these things for last, and then we have to do it all in a hurry. And those who are talented designers looking for an outlet could not find a better platform for showcasing their talents. Also, note that membership to the site comes at no cost, so that if you want to get started simply create an account and start exploring the site on your own. In Their Own Words

“Your “go-to” source for a delicious blend of Card Sauce and user-generated, physical greeting cards (these are not eCards). Our shelves feature a variety of sauces, ranging in flavor from birthday and holiday, to thank you cards and everyday humor. Feel free to:

– Upload and Sell a Sauce – Upload original greeting card designs and make $1 every time one of them sells!

– Send a Sauce – Buy a greeting card and we’ll print and mail it to the recipient of your choice. If you prefer to handwrite your personalized message, simply list yourself as the recipient.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent way for those with creative minds to meet up with the ones looking for a way of showing their feelings or support for others uniquely.

Some Questions About

How are sales and purchases handled? Which e-commerce platform is employed?