– Environmental Games to Reduce Co2

Carbonrally.comIf sheer education isn’t enough to prompt people to reduce their carbon footprint, perhaps good, old, fashioned competition will. At least this is the rational behind CarbonRally, a new social network cum game site which aims to stop global warming by way of challenges.

Up till now 425 Rallyers have reduced over 4.03 tons of Co2 emissions. To accept challenges, you’ll need to register on site first. After that, CarbonRally will set up weekly challenges and notify you by email. If the Featured Challenge doesn’t apply to you, browse through the challenge list and accept one which appeals to you. Alternately, you can join a team of neighbors, colleagues, friends, or whomever. Team leaders are given roster management tools and they can send notes of love to their best players. The Leaderboard shows the rankings for top cities, teams and individuals. Soon, you’ll also be able to think up challenges of your own. Sign up today and accept the challenge. In Their Own Words

“Reduce global warming by taking quick & easy challenges.
Compete with others in your area and around the world.

Carbonrally is a web-based activism platform offering individuals and groups a fun, simple and social way to have a measurable impact on climate change.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Carbonrally is really a clever way to get people to care about the environment. Traditional methods e.g. educating or lectures aren’t nearly as fun as games, and they probably aren’t as effective. What’s more, people are stuck in their habits, however, Carbonrally approaches Co2 reduction in small steps. Their challenges are relatively, painless—e.g. stop drinking bottled water for a week, or leave the car at home. Rather than being depressed about the state of affairs, CarbonRallyers are given a chance to make things playful, and tap into their more clannish roots.

Some Questions About

Are these challenges really making much of a difference? And if so, how is Carbonrally going to spread the word to get others to join the games?