iOS App CaptionMagic Quickly Adds Captions Inside Your Photos

Separate message boxes to describe photos? BOR-ING.


CaptionMagic is a simple and smart tool that allows you to easily add text to images.




Using artificial intelligence, CaptionMagic automatically determines the best location and colors to add words to your photos. Without any effort on your part, you can instantly add an attractive caption inside your pics. Not only does this save time, but it looks great.


For those that enjoy editing, CaptionMagic allows you to rotate, resize, drag and edit text. Crop freely using presets from your favorite apps such as Instagram and Facebook. You can also change colors, play with fonts, add effects, etc. – basically, you can customize both image and text in-app to your heart’s desire.


The rest of us who like to keep things simple and cut straight to the fun have plenty to celebrate. Without having to learn to Photoshop or use a complicated graphic design program, CaptionMagic gives your images the royal treatment, as in it automatically enhances colors, contrast, skin tones and reduces red-eye. Again, it figures out the perfect position and colors for your caption so that all you have to do is add a few words and you’re ready to share your photos.


At this point, CaptionMagic scores huge points for allowing you to quickly share your newly captioned pics wherever you’d like, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other applications.




And it’s free to use! On top of that, you can begin using CaptionMagic without registering or logging in. Your photos belong to you alone and CaptionMagic doesn’t mar your creations with a watermark. So you can begin adding stunning captions in no time.


As someone not known for taking a lot of photos, I’ve found myself snapping shots as if I were Henri Cartier-Bresson since my son was born. And I’ve also found adding notes to be a tedious chore. Because I have neither the time nor the desire to doctor photos, CaptionMagic offers a winning tool for sprucing up photos with captions and sharing them easily.


Learn more about the app at or begin adding harmonious color captions to your photos by downloading CaptionMagic on the App Store.


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