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Capchure.comCapchure is an advertising network that aims to helps advertisers gain qualified leads from publications. The way this is achieved is by including short forms within the articles themselves, and then readers can sign these up on the spot.


This dispenses with having to click through several links in order to get to the actual signup form.

These short forms are accessed by way of highlighted keywords. When these keywords are hovered over then the relevant content is displayed for the user to sign up, and the process in which leads are generated is considerably simplified. People can opt-in to any e-mail campaign with a minimum of fuss. From that point onwards, it will be up to you to keep them engaged. But having something that makes the first step so painless and effortless can but lead to better results and a bigger number of people who will actually make it through to your mailing list.

When all is said and done, anything that makes for monetizing any site so effectively (and simply) is already halfway there. This service does it, and as a result it might become noticed and gain enough traction to go the remaining distance. In Their Own Words

“Capchure is an advertising network that places relevant contact forms within the words of online articles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The actual process of signing up for a mailing list should never get in the way of the user. A site like this one effectively ensures that everything will be smooth and friendly.

Some Questions About

How many keywords can you choose to have highlighted at once?

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