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Canvz.comLooking for a way to add a true touch of finesse to your office or living room? Well, if that’s the case then this is a site you’ll surely like to become acquainted with. It features high quality original artwork that you can buy on the spot, and then have printed and placed wherever visitors could never fail to notice it.

Three main types of original art are featured on “Photography”, “Digital Art” and “Traditional Art”. And lots of different categories are available, ranging from “Animals”, “Landscapes” and “Architecture” to “Science Fiction”, “Manga & Anime” and “Cartoons & Comics”. Plus, when browsing through the site’s archives you can always choose the color that you want your search to be focused on.

On the other hand, if you’re an artist and you’re looking for a way to market your work online then you’ll be able to do that immediately here. You simply sign up for the service (it costs nothing), upload what you want to sell and set down a price for it. You’ll then be able to withdraw any earnings that are forthcoming from your Canvz account. In Their Own Words

Download original art to print & hang on your wall.

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Which categories are more popular? How much are people willing to pay for what’s listed there?