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Cant.ioCantio is a new service that makes consuming the best music which is available online a really simple task. Powered by the ever-increasing database of music that makes up YouTube, Cantio enables just anybody to look up songs and have them played on his browser, without the need to even sign up for an account first. Everything is instantly accessible and listenable. Yet, those who want to do more with the music that can be played through the site can always sign up for a free account, and build up public/private list to share with whomever they want – friends, family, colleagues…

Other operations like marking songs down as favorites are likewise supported. And the site also comes with a radio mode for finding new music that you might like, based on what you are already listening to.

In final place, it is important to mention that the site is already available both in English and in Hungarian (the team who developed it hails from Hungary). In Their Own Words

Browse millions of tracks, find your favorite artists and songs, create playlists, share them with your friends and family and much, much more.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast and effective way to listen to the music you want, right when you want it – no need to sign up to get started.

Some Questions About

How many songs can be played like this?