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Campux.comAvailable in eleven languages, Campux aims to be what Facebook once could have been. However, where Facebook fixates on relationships and networking, Campux adds an extra component—locations.


They focus on campuses, university cities, and hot study spots/hangouts. Explore the cafes of Paris, the kneipen of Berlin, London pubs, the mate bars of Buenos Aires. Reviews are submitted by the students themselves. Campux also has the usual socializing accoutrements: photos, people and their profiles, mail, and groups. There’s also a section called Flirtmatch where you find potential dates at your uni or one near you. More than 1,000 universities throughout the world are represented. Registration is free. In Their Own Words

“Campux is the first online tool that joins virtual and real campus life of more than 1.000 university cities worldwide.
• On Campux you can discover all the cafés, bars, clubs, cultural events and the other student hot spots in your university area.
• Browse through reviews of other students to find out which locations are the hottest.
• A unique student ressource is created which ties together the experiences of student life in university cities and semesters abroad worldwide.
Campux is available in 11 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Campux has less of a studious, uni vibe and more of a hip and fashionable independent life style mag feel to it. It’s got slick graphics which depict students as well-heeled socialites who probably know more about their cities’ nightclubs than about their faculty rules. It may actually work well as student life is a lot more than text books.

Some Questions About

Will this site add more university oriented features, the ability to share notes and event calendars? What about collaborative workspaces? How is this site going to advertise itself?

Author : Siri Marshall

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