– Get Snap Happy with Your WebCam is the place to play with your own pictures or your friends’. A web browser and a webcam are the only things you need to enjoy the experience this site offers. The site automatically detects if you have a webcam on your system, and in case you don’t, a link takes you to an online store to buy these devices from the best brands available.

The service by is free and really easy to use. A lot of funny effects can be used upon the pictures you take, such as distorting people’s faces, create painted looking images to make you appear as in historic art masterpieces, play with colors or black and white contrasts no matter what the original picture looks like, and many more.

By entering your e-mail, Cameroid gives you a link in your inbox to a gallery with all the snapshots you have taken using the site. Apart from this you can also choose the photo’s resolution depending on how you intend to use it, like a desktop background (for which the Large, 640×480 size is the best), a smaller sized one of 320×240 or the tiny picture that will work as an avatar for IM software.

Altering pictures offer a fun activity for people who enjoy everything about visual arts and communications. That?s stopped being an exclusive privilege of professional photographers ever since computers came along. You will certainly have a good time when visiting if you are an image lover. Although Cameroid doesn’t stand alone in the web (other sites such as Photofuniaoffer similar enjoyment), the more options you have the better. In Their Own Words

In a nutshell Cameroid lets you take pictures with your computer?s webcam. But that?s not all, you can also add special effects like morphs or our world-famous monkey suit.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cameroid is remarkably easy to use and you could certainly get carried away playing with the special effects. It?s entertaining and you can use it to enhance your social networking photos and avatars.

Some Questions About

Cameroid looks like it could last for a short while. It?s a mere diversion that people are sure to tire of after some time; will it add more features, perhaps so that users could share their photos? Web cameras and their software usually come with their own tools, thus obviating the need for Cameroid. The name is also not the most fetching moniker.