– Yet Another Chat Service

Camcite.comYou can say what you want about the negative trails it uncovers, but you can’t deny that Chat Roulette has caused a sensation. The programmer (a seventeen-yea old boy from Russia) is actually debating whether to stay in his homeland or relocating to Silicon Valley.

It has been success story in every sense, and it comes as no surprise that others should try and replicate the formula, or come up with something essentially related that has a twist of its own.

That is the case with this site. Named Camcite, it will let you talk with people right on the spot, and the defining element of the website is that it directs you to a room in which there are only people from your same city.

Of course, it might happen that your local town has no presence on the chat room, or that the one compatriots that are there are about as dull as “All About Steve”. If that happens to be the case, you will be able to jump to another chatroom at will, and (hopefully) have a funnier overall experience. And you can also engage people on a 1 to 1. In Their Own Words

“Camcite brings people closer with local video conference rooms.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Chatting is popular like never before, there is a true demand for resources like this one.

Some Questions About

Will it be as successful as Chat Roulette?