– For Food Awareness is a site that provides you with a complete food data base with info such as the fat, carbs, proteins, calcium, sugars, cholesterol, potassium and protein among others.

The site offers you the possibility of buying books to help you watch your weight or eat healthier. There are recipes posted online and articles about kids & teens, nutrition, weight loss basics, etc. You can also find resources and tools, such as food updates, guides, portion watch, health diary and interactive tools among others. offers you a community link where you can interact with others that have your same interests. There are forms, blogs, a calorieking club, a live chat and success stories you can read. To be able to use some of these you have to be member of Joining is not free, but it’s cheap. In Their Own Words

“We all know it. Every day we are bombarded with messages about food. For the most part, the messages have the same objective – to get us to buy and consume more food. The success of these messages is evident in the number of additional messages we receive daily concerning diet programs, diet pills, diet foods, and diet self-help products promising to undo, at least for a while, the ill-effects of the food messages.
CalorieKing’s business is to set the food record straight. We exist to provide facts that generate the Aha! moments that anchor changed thinking about food, and result in sustainable behavior improvements and better health.
We believe ‘food awareness’ may be the most important term in weight control. When Americans think ‘food awareness’, we want CalorieKing to come to mind. Food awareness is our business.”

Why It Might Be A Killer offers basic information useful to everyone. They have a huge potential audience, specially in the US where people don’t eat very healthy, they do eat loads of junk food. The site is a very good idea to help obese people that are all over the US as a consequence of all the junk food that they consume.
The site provides you with general information for free.

Some Questions About

Will people pay to get some of these services? Searching for a curtain product’s information is quite complicated; couldn’t they improve the advanced search? Are success stories reliable?