– Job Finding

A public employment job board that is actually owned and operated by public agencies, is the perfect site for those who want to start working at a public company, and pursue a career there. On this site, you can search for job openings at public agencies all over California, and have them filtered by criteria such as location and skills. This service is provided at no cost, and if you sign up for a profile then you’ll be able to get direct notifications when jobs that match your interests and qualifications become available.
This service is also available at no cost, and you can create a profile by submitting your name, your address, your driver’s license and the e-mail address that you check more often (that’s where notifications will be sent to).

Once you find a job that you feel you could perform perfectly, then you can apply for it online. You are given the option to upload your full resume when doing so, or typing down your previous work experience position by position.

And applying for jobs is twice as practical since you’re provided with the full contact information for all the people who handle submissions within the participating agencies. It’s very easy to inquiry about the status of any submission that you have made through And you can also save all these positions you’re interested in using the site’s “Job cart”, and manage your searches a lot better.