KillerStartups – The Evolution Of Phone Call Sales

CallRevu.comIn a nutshell, CallRevu is a system that dealers can use in order to keep full track of possible sales opportunities. What it does is to monitor and transcribe phone calls so that you (and your team) can identify opportunities in real time.

That is, using it you don’t have to listen to each and every call, get in contact with the customer and close the sale. CallRevu effectively provides you with the resources you need in order to place the focus on the actual sale. Once the call is transcribed in the way that it was mentioned above a real time alert is sent out to a key member of the staff as appointed by you.

This service is twice as interesting if only because many, many sales are lost owing to them not being handled as they should. Something like CallRevu effectively means that you can stop worrying about training the staff to handle the call when it comes through.

Besides, CallRevu provides a daily report by 8:30am every day, summarizing all the previous day’s calls. This report can then be employed in your strategic meetings in order to figure out how to drive sales even further on. In Their Own Words

“Real time alerts via text and e-mail give you the edge in resolving issues and saving sales instantly!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as a very apt tool fo ensuring that no opportunities are being wasted by your sales team due to poor skills on the telephone.

Some Questions About

In which languages is this service provided? Will other languages be eventually supported?

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