– Online Graphing Calculator

Calc5.comCalc5 has recently launched into beta; calling all math and science nerds! Calc5 is like your graphing calculator mashed up with mapping tools. With this highly developed tool, you can quickly plot 2d and 3d graphs that act as symbolic representations of calculations.

You can zoom in and pan in on these graphs like you would a map. You can even control map smoothness so those hard to read pixelated graphs will never again be a problem. In Their Own Words

With calc5 you can plot 2d and 3d graphs, make symbolic calculations such as differentiation, browse 2d graphs same way as you browse map in your favorite mapping service with zooming and panning.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This tools is really great because it acts as a secondary graphing calculator if you would prefer to use one online, or don’t have your calculator handy. As an added bonus, you can also print out these graphs or use them in a power point, etc. There are plenty of benefits of having this calculator online as opposed to on an outside device.

Some Questions About

Will they give you more of the features you would get on a calculator, making lists? This looks like they only have some basic algebra, trig, and statistics tools for graphic representation.